Migration card

In accordance with the Government order No. 413 dated August 16, 2004 “About migration card”, all travelers to the Russian Federation are required to acquire, fill up and provide a migration card to a border control (immigration) officer of the Russian Federation. For a traveller to be allowed to enter the Russian Federation the information on the traveller in the migration card should coincide with his/her visa and passport particulars. A boarder control officer shall put an entry stamp on the traveller's migration card.

Migration cards are distributed free of charge by an airline or any transportation company representative or by a border control officer.

A traveller must keep their migration card during the entire period of stay, and the card is required for mandatory registration at the place of stay in the Russian Federation.

In case of loss or damage of a migration card a foreign citizen should within a three-day period report it to a local police department. After that the traveller will be provided with a duplicate migration card free of charge, issued on the basis of the documents he/she provided when entering the Russian Federation.

The migration card is to be submitted to a border control officer at the border checkpoint when leaving the Russian Federation.