Visa for work and for study

Documents for a visa should be submitted to the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy personally.

We would like to inform you that visa applications will be accepted only after beforehand reservation. To make a prerecording, please follow the link.

To apply for a visa for work and for study in the Russian Federation an applicant should submit to the Consular section:

  1. Completed visa application, a national passport, one passport size photo, paid travel insurance (see points 1-4 of the General Information). Please note that national passport must be valid not less than 1,5 years after the expiry date of the visa;
  2. For a visa for a study or work visa a negative HIV-test in original is required. The test must inhold information of the patient, original signature of the doctor and stamp of the medical office. Thetestmustnotbeolderthan 3 months.
  3. An official invitation for work or study (the original only) issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. An organization inviting you to work or study in Russia applies for an invitation to the Local Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Then the invitation should be sent directly to an applicant (in original).

A visa can be one-entry and can’t exceed 90 days of staying in Russia. To prolong a period of the validity of your visa a person should apply the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The insurance policy should cover all the period of the applicant’s stay in Russia.