26 апреля / 2018

Statement by the representative of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the Chief of the radiological, chemical and biological defense (RCBD) troops, Major-General I.A.Kirillov, The Hague, April 26, 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen!

On the 7th of April of this year, the American non-governmental organization "Syrian-American Medical Society" with the active support of Western media disseminated information about the alleged usage of chemical weapons by the Syrian army against civilians in the Douma in East Ghouta. Syrian authorities are accused of using poisonous substances. Information from social networks and statements from the so-called humanitarian organization "White Helmets" was used as the main evidence.
Without waiting for an investigation by experts from the OPCW, a military group of the United States, Britain and France carried out a massive missile attack on Syria.

Russian experts conducted a thorough analysis of all the information about this incident in the city of Douma "on ground". We present the results of this work.

During the verification of information about the death of civilians as a result of chlorine poisoning, residential houses were examined, in which, according to the "White Helmets", the bodies of the victims were located.

Two gas tanks, allegedly dropped from helicopters by government forces, were found in two apartments. At the same time, a number of circumstances have been revealed that call into question the so-called evidence.

Thus, in a house in the basement of which, according to the "White Helmets version", dead people were found, in an uninhabited apartment on the top floor there was an empty yellow gas tank. The apartment was previously partially destroyed by
a bomb explosion, parts of the roof and the front wall are missing. Other walls are cut by shrapnel.
Attention is drawn to the fact that the gas tank is not deformed. This does not correspond to the consequences of its alleged fall from a great height onto the concrete foundation.

The gas tank reducer and trajectory stabilizers are missing.

Inspection of the allegedly damaged rooms of the second apartment confirms the fabricated nature of the charges. In particular, the ballistic examination showed that the location of the chlorine gas tank and the holes in the roof are separated by a distance that excludes the possibility of its discharge from the aircraft. The gas tank partially retained its air-tightness and was practically unaffected, which could not have happened if it fell from a height of more than two thousand meters. These are flying heights used by Syrian army helicopters.
On the roof, in the immediate proximity to the hole, there is an untouched water- heating tank. During the inspection of the broken roof a missile tail was found, which, apparently, resulted in the hole in the ceiling. We do not exclude the possibility of artificial nature of the floor destruction, because a scrap was found at the house entrance.
Surprisingly, after the so-called impact of more than a hundred-kilogram gas tank, there were a variety of small dishes and interior items in a small room left untouched, that is clearly visible on the fake video, the bed is also almost intact.
The authors of the staged video have clearly brought the gas tank from the street, as indicated by the chips and traces from dragging on the tiles. The balloon itself was not damaged. The reducer is not damaged. The reducer is not torn off and is only slightly opened for a constant leakage of gas.

The fabricated nature of the video is supported by the found hair dyeing gloves with traces of gas tank paint.

The interrogation of the apartment owner showed that no one was present on the date and time of the incident, no one was wounded or dead. It is worth pointing out that the owner of the room, located a floor below, bred chickens, who safely survived the
so-called chemical attack.

In addition, in the city of the Douma, which was liberated from the militants, specialists from the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces found a mined chemical laboratory and a chemical warehouse, allegedly used by terrorists to manufacture poisonous substances. When examined, thiodiglycol and diethanolamine, controlled by the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which can be used for the production of sulphurous and nitrogen mustard gas, were found. In addition, a gas tank with chlorine, similar to that used by fighters in preparing the fake video, and hexamine, which is a stabilizing additive in the production of sarin, is found in the warehouse,

It is possible that it was at this facility that the so-called evidence of the use of chemical weapons by government troops was fabricated.

Attention is drawn to the absence of victims, both harmed and killed, as a result
of the so-called "chemical attack". There is not a single witness confirming the use of poisonous substances.

As for the staging of rendering assistance to the so-called victims of a chemical attack in the Douma city hospital, in this case, in order to provide evidence, the Russian side ensured the arrival of direct participants in those events to the Hague. Now you have the opportunity to learn about what really happened in this medical institution, as they say, "on a first-hand basis".

But before that, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the Russian side has taken the necessary measures to ensure the safety of objects inspected by OPCW experts.

Their safe work in Syria is ensured by the Russian servicemen of the Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides in the Syrian Arab Republic and the Military Police.