Russian Visa Center in Norway

The Russian Visa Center (Fridtjof Nansens plass 9, 0160 Oslo, operates within the consular district of the Russian Embassy in Norway with the aim to improve the quality of service for customers applying for visa to enter the Russian Federation.

The Russian Visa Center’s tasks are: to speed up and simplify the procedure of obtaining visa, create the most comfortable conditions for applicants, explain the rules of entry/stay in the Russian Federation, verify visa-document set for completeness and represent applicants at the Consular Office while submitting/collecting documents on their behalf.

The final decision on whether to grant a visa or not, as well as visa issuing for foreign nationals outside the Russian Federation, remain the prerogative of the Russian Consular Office.

Applicants may also apply for visa directly at the Consular Office of the Russian Embassy in Norway. For using this opportunity the applicants should book an appointment on the Embassy’s website ( or

In order to avoid any fraud with the system of preliminary appointments the Consular Office of the Russian Embassy in Norway accepts only the documents submitted by people who registered their personal data in the system when booking the appointment. In case of discrepancies between the data in the system and the data of a person applying for visa the Consular Office reserves the right not to consider the application. The preliminary appointment booking system provides that one time slot is used for submitting one document set to the Russian Consular Office.